My spring break wraps up on Monday, and it was a good one. I split it between San Francisco, New York City, and Philadelphia and a bunch of people I admire. I come away feeling like I learned a lot, and my life is starting to come together. Here are five things I learned off the top of my head:

1. Only spend time with people who make you leave feeling happy (and perhaps a bit sad to see them go). I’m done chasing roller coaster relationships. I’m ecstatic to have so many people in my life I enjoy spending time with and come away feeling energized from.

2. Failure is finite and okay. I got to visit friends who recently had to abandon startups and they are now being  "animals" at new jobs and learned a ton from their “failure." 

3. The animal test for choosing who to work with ("Could you describe that person as an animal?”)

4. Reading books > Reading internet I started reading  non-CS books again over break and have been really enjoying when I replace Hacker News, Twitter, etc. time with a good book. Highly recommend it. Currently reading Gravity’s Rainbow.

5. San Francisco Food < New York City Food I think NYC and SF are equal in terms of food, however NYC restaurants have better hours, so NYC wins.