So I’m apparently not great at blogging regularly (yet).

Since my last personal post I have graduated college and moved to New York City.

I’m mentoring the class of 2013 hackNY fellows, who are great. We have ~7 female hackers this summer (I’m ashamed that that’s an approximation, but the list of fellows isn’t up yet and I don’t want to give an “exact”, but wrong, number).

I am hacking on a data tool for early stage entrepreneurs and a privacy product. 

I bike and run around the city as much as I can.

I eat badly.

I’ve started consuming alcoholic beverages regularly for the first time in a while. For the summer, I’m really digging dark ‘n stormys and white wine.

I co-organize Identity Hackers. We had our biggest meetup ever at Stack Exchange last night.

I deliberately practice Mathematics.

I am still completely lost without my android.

I work with several great people every week and believe in the New York Tech scene.

I still listen to music most people find abhorrent.

Looking at this list, not much has changed, I’m just in NYC more (well I live here) and doing things I care about. Excited for what’s to come.